Number Game - Make Your Class Full of Fun!

Do you desire to organize the edurecreational classroom activity? This article might be satisfied you. :).

Visual Representation

The Non-Mechanistic Method to Solve The Linear Equation Related Problem For Your Little Students!

Broken Calculator Activity

Calculator seem to be forbidden tool in the classroom. Many parents and educators are afraid that their child will be over depend on it to do (even for) the small computation. This article might give you different point of view about how to use calculator to develop not just the pupils’ computational ability, but also number sense.

Introducing Linear Equation System For Grade 8 Students

Sometime we are tend to underestimate the students ability. We think that without give them a transfer material process, they wouldn’t able to solve any mathematical problem. However, we might be surprise with the informal strategies that emerge as their way in finding solution. RME give them chance to elaborate themselves more.

RME as The Approach to Create a Meaningful Learning Environment

The main idea of realistic mathematics is to emphasize the nature of mathematics as a human activity. Its mean, the students need to be active learner to discover and reinvent mathematics in a meaningful way.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Calon Guru Bercerita tentang Merangkul Keberagaman di Hari Kebangkitan Nasional



(Ratih Ayu Apsari)   

Sedang tidak bisa membuat postingan panjang-panjang. Tapi ini rekap tugas mahasiswa saya yang merayakan hari kebangkitan nasional dengan menyuarakan apa yang dapat mereka lakukan untuk merangkul keberagaman yang ada di Indonesia. Calon guru yang peka terhadap perbedaan karakter, kemampuan, status sosial, agama, identitas, suku, ras, kondisi fisik, dan lain sebagainya.